Makeup Revolution x Soph Palette | Palette Breakdown

I cannot even tell you how happy I am that this collaboration has happened!! Soph is a beauty vlogger from the Uk that goes by Sophdoesnails on the tube. I have been watching Soph for a little while now and it is so refreshing to see a genuine, down to earth girl do beauty reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I love the likes of Jaclyn Hill and Patrick Starrr but they just aren’t relatable in the way that Soph is. What I love even more is that she has collaborated with Makeup Revolution who is known for their super affordable makeup! I have enjoyed previous palettes from this brand so I was bloody excited! I only picked up the eyeshadow palette so here is my review…



Before we get started on this review I just wanted to give you some of the details about this palette. This palette can be purchased from Superdrug and I am pretty sure you can get it online via the Superdrug website. It retails for £10 which is so affordable and I do believe that this palette is going to be permanent not limited edition (but I may just double check!).


If there is one thing that I love about Makeup Revolution palettes, it is that their packaging, for the most part, feels much better quality than so many other affordable palettes. This palette is no exception. The outer packaging is gorgeous. The colour scheme of that nude pink and rose gold is basically me on a box. When you take the palette out of the box it is that same nude shade with rose gold font and ‘Soph x’ written on the front. I really love the packaging of this palette!


When you open the palette you have a very nice sized mirror, and not a cheap looking one either. You then have that beautiful veiw of the 24 shadows in all their glory. When I first saw this palette I knew I would love it, but actually having it in my hands, it is so much more beautiful! What I love about this colour scheme is that it is so unbelievably warm toned (which I am obsessed with) but you have the ability to do more cool toned and neutral looks too! There is all the shades I could possibly ever want in one place and she has done such a good job! I have always said that if I was to ever create a palette, I would always involve a matte white, which is my go-to highlight of choice, and a shimmering shade to highlight which other people might prefer. I have also said that I would always include a matte cream shade to set my eye base and a black eye shadow. She has given me everything I could possibly need to create multiple different looks without having to reach for any other palette or product. I love the amount of transition/crease shades and the different undertones that she has given us, and we also have all those beautiful foiled shades which I couldn’t wait to dig into!


I am going to go ahead and say that I love this palette way more than my other makeup revolution palettes. It is so well thought out and put together and you have every shade you could possibly need. I will also say that these shadows are not the best formula that I have ever tried, but I feel like the quality isn’t bad at all. I feel like these shadows are much more pigmented than others I have tried from this brand, when it comes to the matte shades that is. They are easy to blend and easy to build too. Overall quality wise, these shadows are really good for the price you are paying. Also, the shade names on this palette are so cute and innocent! I love it!

Now, this isn’t a big deal but I thought that I should mention it anyway and that is that when you apply the foiled shades, more so with a brush, they can start to look a bit chunky when you build them up. I have noticed this with all makeup revolution palettes however so this isn’t Soph’s doing, but I would recommend using your finger and building lightly. I still love them however and like I mentioned this is only a minor detail and not a big deal to me but some people aren’t so keen on chunkier metallics.


Overall, I flippin’ love this palette. It has all the shades I would ever need in one place, the perfect highlights and transition shades along with shades deep enough for all skin tones. She also mentioned that the bottom three shades (mug cake, rosewood and nightmare) could be used in your brows which I have tried and it does work! Another thing to point out is that the shade Fairy Lights is a gorrrrrrrgeous highlight shade for the face! Especially for light skin tones that is. I just love how affordable and great this palette is and it gets a big thumbs up from little ol’ me!


I hope you enjoyed this palette breakdown! Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution x Soph Palette | Palette Breakdown

  1. Wow for the price and amount of pans you get the pigmentation is really up there, I only have one thing by Revolution – a highlighter but this is making me want one of their palettes!

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