Fall Favourites!

It has been so long since I have done a favourites post. I stopped doing monthly favourites as I was struggling to find new products every month and the products I loved never really changed. Instead I am going to only be sharing favourites when I actually have new products to share with you. I have been enjoying a lot of new makeup over the last few months, mainly because i’m a hoarder and can’t say no to a good deal. A lot of the makeup/beauty products I try and use are affordable or from the high street/drugstore with the exception of a couple of items. Let’s get chatting about some favourites now should we…



I think if there is one major product that I am dying to share with you, that is so amazing then it would definitely be the Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation. I picked this up as I loved the old formula and was excited to try the updated version. Not only that, but I got sucked in by the packaging and saw that they had updated the bottle from a pump to a wand and I really love that idea for easy application. This foundation is very thin, but has a solid medium coverage and just looks like a second skin. It blends out so easily and gives the nicest satin/natural finish to the skin. Whenever I wear this which is everyday, I feel like I am having a good skin day. It just does wonders for my skin. If there was one down side about it, then I would have to say that it doesn’t control oil as well as i’d like it too. Considering my t zone gets pretty oily, it doesn’t break up or get cakey at all and I can just blot of any oils and/or powder it down and it looks freshly applied again. This is an A++++ product from me and my new holy grail!


I think another reason that my skin is looking so much better than it has a couple of months ago is because of my skin care routine I have. I have been obsessed with the Nspa Double Action Serum and the Nspa Pure Hydration Mist. These two either alone or together work wonders for me. My skin texture is so much smoother and my skin feels so hydrated. I have already gone through a whole bottle of my serum and I have nearly finished my mist too. Don’t worry though, you can rest assured that I have about 3 bottles up for back ups! 


Lip Scrub!! Finally! The Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub has been my ultimate favourite product for exfoliating my lips. I mean, sugar and chocolate?! Who wouldn’t love that?! I will always use the lip scrub first just to get off any dead skin on my lips and it leaves them feeling so smooth and almost a little plump. I then love using my Nivea Original Care Lip Balm to moisturise my lips. Now, this stuff is thick but it is incredible. I use this in the morning and then again when I go to bed and my lips finally feel hydrated rather than dry and flaky!


My next favourite product that I have been enjoying is the Revlon Sculpt & Highlight Kit. I gave this product a pretty mixed review but I have not stopped using it. I will say that the only shades I use from this kit is the bronzer and the contour shade. I talk about my reasons why I don’t really get on with the highlight and banana shade in that review, but the contour and bronzer are beautiful! They blend so well and have the perfect tone for my skin. I never feel like I have gone over board with these products and I know that when I use this that I can have faith in the fact that I won’t have a splotchy contour! Ha!


Sleek Suede Blush. Every Autumn this blush makes another come back, and it always makes myself doubt why I stop using it. This blush is so flattering against my skin tone. It doesn’t make me look too flushed (I am naturally pretty red in the cheeks), but it just adds the perfect amount of colour to keep me from looking dull. Considering how much I use this, I still haven’t hit pan yet so I am impressed!


I have spoken about my new holy grail brow pencil before, but I just wanted to give it another moment in the spotlight… a well deserved moment that is! The Maybelline Master Precise Micro Brow Pencil is a skinny brow pencil that is perfect for getting precise with your brows. It is pigmented enough, but isn’t too waxy or soft that it deposits too much product at once. It doesn’t bunch up in my brows or create a chunky texture. It just looks really soft but lets you really define your brows. I am now on my 4th pencil, and I don’t plan on going back now!


It is no secret that I am completely head of heels in love with my Jaclyn Hill palette, that palette is my number one but I have talked about that palette enough since I got it that I wanted to show you another palette that I have been really enjoying! The Makeup Revolution x Sophdoesnails Palette is so beautiful and has so many gorgeous shades to play with. Again, I have just released my palette breakdown on this palette so feel free to take a look if you want a full run down of why I love it so much, but to keep it short and sweet, this palette has everything I would ever need in one place. It blends beautifully and performs so well and I really love this palette!


If there is one thing that I am for certain about, it is that Tati never lets me down! I purchased the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara a couple of months ago and I am so in love. I think I might even love it more than my better than sex. Not only is it cheaper by a mile but it gives the same effect, if not better! It lifts, gives me volume, seperation but just makes your lashes look incredible. I love that this mascara doesn’t smudge everywhere but it isn’t a ball ache to remove at the end of the night! Love it.


Last but certainly not least we have the Barry M Matte Me Up Matte Lip Paints! It’s no secret that I was in love with these from the get go and I have a whole review if you’re interested, but recently I purchased some more shades and they just keep doing it for me! They are so pigmented and opaque, but the formula is nice and thin so it isn’t uncomfortable on the lips. They can be a tiny bit drying but what matte liquid lip isn’t?! I just love how they wear and perform and I have especially been loving the shade ‘on the scene’ recently!


So there are a few of my favourite things that I have been using over the last couple of months! I’d love to know what products you’ve been loving too so feel free to drop me a comment!

I’m doing a giveaway!

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Until next time my lovelies…




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