My Pre-Makeup Routine

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again… makeup will only be as good as the base underneath it. I am a big believer in looking after your skin and prepping it before applying makeup as it simply makes everything look so much better! I change my pre-makeup routine all of the time, but I have finally settled on what works for me and what works with the makeup that I choose to use. I also want to add quickly that this isn’t to be confused with my skin care routine, that is a whole other ball game! This is simply me sharing the steps I take before I apply any kind of makeup and what works for me to make sure that my makeup doesn’t look off and wears for hours whilst still looking fresh. Let’s jump right into it…



Just to clarify, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is wash my face and use all my cleansers etc. I also exfoliate about twice a week just to make sure that my skin doesn’t have any dry flakes, but that is all part of my skin care routine and not something that I wanted to focus on but here we are! Ooops! Once I have already washed my face and everything, the first product I use to prep my face before makeup is the Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub. I will use a lip scrub on the days where I am going to be wearing a more matte lipstick. This just helps to smooth the surface and prevent my lips looking flaky. If I am going to be wearing glosses or lip balms I don’t usually bother to do this as my lips don’t get overly flaky, so I will skip this step. The reason I do my lip scrub first is so that I can remove all the little sugar particles with a wipe or my tongue ha, and I won’t have to worry about removing my primer.


The next step I go in with is my Nspa Double Action Serum. I find that this product hydrates my skin in a way that no other product ever has. It also gives my skin a really nice glow but overall just makes sure my skin is nice and hydrated. I have noticed a huuuuuge difference in my skin since using this! I use this first to add some more moisture but it is not classed as a primer just a serum at this point.


For further hydration I like to add the Nspa Hydrating Facial Mist. Again, I have talked about both of these products in my favourites, but I love spraying this on my skin before my primer to add a nice glow to my skin and further hydration. I do find also that when this product dries down my skin feels a little firmer and has a bit more of a tackiness too it which is what I want in order for my foundation to stay put.


For an actual primer… we got there, I have been loving the Makeup Forever Step 1 Hydrating Primer. I have noticed that since using hydrating products, my skin isn’t producing as much natural oil as it was before. I do still get a little oily around my nose throughout the day however and I am still on the hunt for a good mattifying primer just for that area, but this primer works wonders underneath makeup. It makes the skin feel really soft and everything applies beautifully over the top of it. I have noticed that my makeup has been sitting better and blending better on my skin since using this product.


Finally we have lip balm, after I scrubbed them at the start of my routine, the last thing I like to do is add a lip balm so that it can sink in whilst doing my makeup and then my lips are nice and hydrated before applying my lip colour. I have been loving the Nivea Original Care Lip Balm as it is very rich and thick and it actually does something which I am happy about!

After I have completed all of these steps I can begin with my foundation! This may seem a little excessive for a pre-makeup routine, but I will never forget a tip that Wayne Goss gave which was ‘the more moisturiser you apply, the more makeup you can apply’, and he was absolutely right. Before I wasn’t really prepping my skin before makeup, I would go in over a bare face and I found things would look a little dry and would cling to certain areas. My makeup would also look cakey a lot easier as the products were just sitting on top of my skin. Since doing this routine I have found the products just look so much smoother and sit beautifully on my skin. Not only that my skin itself feels so hydrated and soft. Not only does this routine help in the longevity of my makeup but also in the application and condition of my skin so whereas it is very excessive, it is also necessary for my routine now and I am loving how it’s working!


Now I have stopped rambling on, I hope you enjoyed this pre-makeup routine and found it helpful in one way or another!

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Until next time my lovelies….


5 thoughts on “My Pre-Makeup Routine

    1. I never used to but I had been playing around and found that this really works! Plus I have noticed that makeup doesn’t cling to my dry areas as much and instead just glides over. I didn’t think that it would make a difference until I started seeing it haha xx


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