Sleek Lifeproof Foundation Review & Wear Test

WARNING: Contains awkward selfies and uncomfortable close ups… enjoy! haha! 

I feel like everyone is bringing out new foundations left, right and center! I know a lot of higher end brands especially such as Jouer, Fenty, Laura Mercier or Huda Beauty to name a few. I have also seen a couple of newer foundations from the drugstore/high street such as the updated Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation which is incredible, and now we have the Sleek Lifeproof Foundation too! I managed to grab mine from Boots and I thought I would do a review/wear test for you as I’ve never seen Sleek as a complexion brand, they are much more lips and eye focused, so I was very interested to see how it would wear and if it was worth it. I will give you all the details that you need to know and also some check ins along the way to see how it holds up… let’s do this!


First things first, let’s talk about some of the claims of this foundation and shade ranges etc. This foundation is described on the website as:

Lifeproof your look with this foundation that goes the distance. Soft-focus powders create a blurring effect and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The oil-free formula can help skin look even and shine-free, whilst imperfections are concealed.

  • Sweat-proof
  • Oil-free
  • Medium to full buildable coverage

This foundation comes in a range of 24 shades, which I think is pretty good going as the shade range does show that it has a good range of light, medium and deep shades. I have the shade LP01 which is describes as ‘fair with pink undertones’. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very yellow undertone even though I am fair. I did look at the LP02 shade but even though it is described as ‘fair with neutral undertones’, it still looked very pink to me and like it would be too dark so I stuck with the lightest shade. This foundation retails for £8.99 which is your average high street/drugstore pricing and you get a normal 30ml of product.


The Sleek Lifeproof foundation comes in a black squeeze tube and has pretty basic but ‘sleek’ no pun intended packaging. I am not the biggest fan of the squeeze tubes for foundation as you cannot control how much product you are getting out of it and usually end up wasting a lot of product. As you can see, apart from swatching the foundation to check for the colour, when I first went to use the foundation it had leaked out and kind of made a mess in the cap and the tip of the tube which I didn’t like. You have a strip on the front which show the foundation inside it and the shade name is clearly stated on the front of the tube. On the back you have all of the ingredients listed so they are easy to find and a little description of the foundation itself which is quoted above.


I decided to apply this foundation with a beauty sponge, as I do all of my foundations. The consistency of this foundation is a little thicker than what I usually enjoy, but it wasn’t too thick to the point that I was worried to use it. I am much more of a lightweight kind of foundation wearer opposed to a heavy duty one. Upon applying it, the sponge was blending it out just fine although I did notice some minor grabbing of dry areas and I noticed that this was definitely more of a matte finish on my skin.


I first applied it to one side of my face so you could see the difference in coverage. I definitely agree with the claims that it was medium-full coverage, I don’t have much wrong with my skin at the moment only some minor redness and it covered this up for the most part. I would say that the foundation was more of a full coverage on my skin, and I could definitely tell that his was a heavier foundation that what I am used to. I think that depending on your skin type for example if you have acne, this may come out as more of a medium coverage on you but for me I would class this is your average full coverage.


As for how it was looking on my skin, like I mentioned it did look a little dry, but for the most part it blended out nicely and wasn’t emphasizing any skin texture or pores. It did look relatively smooth and I didn’t mind how it looked except I wasn’t liking how it looked on my nose, but it wasn’t overly noticeable unless you got up close. Once I had finished my face I wanted to wait a minute for it to dry down and it did, but this foundation does transfer just by touching your face lightly so if you are interested in this foundation you may want to set it with a powder. I only set the concealer under my eyes and my t-zone as it was already looking very matte.

I forgot to get a snap of how it looked once I had my makeup finished, but I did notice that my face looked a lot heavier than it usually would with my regular foundation, but again I am not used to full coverage foundations so that is down to personal preference. Overall it didn’t look to bad on my skin and wasn’t cakey in any way.

Check In #1 – First application at 10:06am

Featuring my unmade bed and lots of Christmas shopping in the corner.. you’re welcome!


Check In #2 – 5 hours of wear at 3:30pm



Okay, so I may have got distracted and forgot to do a check in around midday haha! *Side note: I went out shopping around midday and I noticed that the foundation was really emphasizing the peach fuzz around my side burn/jaw area. Looked very powdery and matte even though I hadn’t applied powder in that area and I had set with a setting spray too.* For six hours of wear I was definitely noticing some shine around my nose area, but my forehead was doing just fine at this point. It started to look a little dewier, but nothing too greasy looking. I also noticed some caking around my nose, and it had broken down and got very dry looking on my nose too.

Check In #3 – 10 hours of wear at 8:11pm


For 10 hours of wear the foundation definitely wasn’t looking too shabby! My cheek areas were still very matte but the center of my face was pretty shiny by this point. You can see that the foundation hadn’t stuck to my nose at all and had gone for a wander somewhere else! It still looked a little heavy around the nose and my pores but nothing worse than it was at the last check in. My forehead was also pretty oily at this point too and had creased a little in between my eyebrows.

Check In #4 – 12 hours of wear at 9:58pm


So my final check in at 12 hours!  I wasn’t planning on keeping it on this long, but I am kind of happy that I did just so I got a good wear test out of it! Nothing had really changed from the previous check in, I was still oily in the same areas and nothing had really changed. I did feel like my skin looked a little heavy but I think the fact that it was full coverage and had been worn for 12 hours, I think it definitely could of looked worse! I did noticed by this point that my chin was also looking very dry and flaky, but I was about to take it off anyways. The only major flaw I found was the oil-control and the fact that it had completely wore off my nose. Apart from that it wasn’t too bad overall.

So my final thoughts on this foundation is that personally I don’t think it is for me and I probably won’t be using it again. I found it to be a little too matte for me from the get go and was a bit more of a heavier foundation. I much prefer a natural/satin finish more than anything and something that is a little more lightweight. I don’t think it wore too badly either but it definitely didn’t have great oil-control for a matte foundation. As for being sweat proof, I wasn’t doing a lot of sweating so I cannot confirm that, but I can confirm that it is medium-full coverage and when I first applied it I did notice that my porous areas were ever so slightly blurred, but after wearing it for a few hours it got a little heavy in those areas. I don’t mind the foundation and this could be really great for anyone who loves a fuller coverage foundation that does apply smoothly and last relatively well, but it’s not the greatest foundation ever and I do think you can find better at the drugstore/high street. Like anything this is all personal preference so if you are really wanting to try it then I would say do it, but this isn’t a ‘wow’ product for me and I think I am just going to go back to my Rimmel foundation again!


I hope you found this review/wear test helpful, i’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have tried the foundation too!

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