Top 17 Products of 2017!

Seriously, where has the year gone? Where has Christmas gone? I feel like I blinked and it has all just disappeared. I know I have been pretty quiet over the festive period and that is purely down to work. Boo! But I’m back and ready to talk makeup! I wanted to do something a little different but also along the same lines as my ‘best of beauty’ for the year. As 2017 comes to an end, I am going to be picking 17 of my absolute favourite products that I have discovered this year or products that I have just been in love with! I have a lot to get through so I am just going to skip right to it!


I don’t plan on doing these in any particular order, I am just going to rapid fire through them all so that you won’t be bored and it won’t take 17000 years to read!


My first and possibly one of my favourite discoveries of the year are the Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paints. These liquid lipsticks are incredible, very thin in texture but fully opaque and quick drying. They are as comfortable as a liquid lipstick could be and they wear so well! Mattes are my favourite lip products to wear and these are incredible and so affordable! The formula of these liquid lipsticks are so comparable to the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks too if you need a reference.


The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors are still, and will always be in my top favourite products. These highlighters have such a flattering shine to them where they don’t accentuate texture and they can either be worn very intense or you can play them down. They are just amazing highlighters and a favourite not just this year, but ever since I owned them!


I have tried a hell of a lot of Essence makeup in 2017, and I really love a lot of their makeup. The Essence Matte Touch Blushes are definitely one of the hits from the brand in my opinion. They aren’t crazy pigmented to the point where they are unusable, but they have the perfect amount of colour and they blend beautifully.


On the subject of blushes, another favourite of the year is by far the Sleek Suede Blush. This blush is my favourite tone for my skin tone as I have quite rosy cheeks naturally, so I prefer my blushes to be more coral toned to add some colour but not make me look too pink in the cheeks. This shade is stunning and one of my all time favourites! P.s I have owned this blush for years now and use it regularly and still haven’t even made a dent in it!


This next product is one that I discovered later on in the year, but has quickly made it into my everyday routine. It is the George Satin Loose Powder in Translucent. This powder is not something I would usually go for, but surprisingly I am obsessed with it! It is not a matte powder by any means, but has a sheen to it. I love how this sits on the skin as it isn’t powder at all but just makes your skin look healthy. I will just add that this powder doesn’t work very well for baking if you are into that, but just for dusting over your skin to set foundation it is a miracle worker.


I have clearly had a crazy obsession  with my ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Lunch Money. I have been using this highlighter like there is no tomorrow and for everyday wear this is my go-to. It is the perfect vanilla tone for my skin and doesn’t look glittery or shimmery. It just adds a glow to the skin and even though it is more of a cream highlighter, it sits on top of powders beautifully. I blend this in with my finger and it just melts… beautiful! I need a back up!! 


This year was great for many reasons, but especially because I have found my holy grail eyebrow pencil. The Maybelline Master Precise Brow Pencil is the only thing I use for my brows now as it is just perfect. I cannot get enough. It is very fine and precise to allow you to get a sharp line, but it isn’t too creamy of a pencil to where it can get messy. Highly recommend!


Another highlight of the year is the Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer. I discovered this back in the summer I believe, and I truly find this to be a great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked ConcealerI can’t deny that the shade range is beyond shit and it is a little more prone to crease than the UD, but it is a beautiful concealer nonetheless and one I used nearly everyday.


I have a couple of skin care items that I also wanted to throw into the mix, I love my skincare and could of picked so many more products but these two stood out to me. The first being my life saving Nivea Original Care Lip Balm. This lip balm is so rich and nourishing and has saved my chapped lips especially over the winter months. I use this multiple times a day and it has really cleared up my dry lips and feels amazing.


The second skin care product I have is my Nspa Double Action Serum. This serum is amazing for hydrating my skin and I feel and see a huge difference in the texture of my skin. My skin looks and feels so much softer and smoother and makeup lays on my skin so much better since using this. I also feel like the redness in my skin has reduced quite a lot since using this.


The Revlon Sculpt & Highlight Kit may not come as a surprise to anyone who follows me on Instagram as it is used in every single makeup look, not to mention the fact that it is all I use for bronzing and contouring on a daily basis. I only use the bronzer and contour as I don’t really rate the highlight shades, but the deeper two shades are perfection and blend like a dream. I never have to worry about blotchy bronzer with this guy!


When it comes to lashes, there was only ever going to be one product. The L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara or Paradise Extatic as it’s known in the UK, is by far the best mascara I have tried to date. It is extremely comparable to the Better Than Sex except this one is a little less clumpy and gives me those whispie lashes that I look for with any mascara! Highly recommend trying this if you haven’t already!


This next product won’t come as a surprise either as it has been the only thing I have been using on my face ever since it released this year. The Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation is my absolute holy grail, and it is now what I compare all of my other foundations to. It is not heavy or cakey in any way, blends like a dream, looks like skin and has such a pretty finish. I adore this foundation like no other and it’s no surprise that this is in my top products of the year!


I have become much more into glosses this year more than ever, and I have a few that I really love but this one really stood out to me as not only being super affordable, but being so comfortable, pigmented and just beautiful. The PS Love Saint Or Sinner Lip Vinyls are incredible and not talked about enough! They are a highly pigmented gloss with high shine but they are quite thick. They glide over the lips and do not budge! They aren’t sticky or gloopy and are so unbelievably comfortable! I can’t sing their praises high enough as these are stunning!


This next product will probably shock you if you are familiar with my style of makeup and my what I like. This is the Essence Super Precise Eye Liner. Now, even though I am not a huge fan of winged liner on my eyes and don’t do it all that often, I also find that the reason I don’t really do winged liner is because I cannot find an easy to use eye liner. Well, this eyeliner has shocked me and soon become my favourite liquid liner to the point where I have been doing liner so much more as it is so much easier! It has a super find brush applicator and just glides over the eyes without skipping or running. It is so easy to create a wing and keep it quite suble. I really love this one and it had to make it in my top 17!


When it comes to your classic lipsticks we all know I am a sucker for the Mac lipsticks. I was going to include them but when I sat back and thought about it, there was another lipstick that I have been using just as much as my Mac ones, and that are incredibly comparable and stunning. The Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipsticks are definitely one of my favourite matte lipsticks as they are incredibly pigmented and creamy. They have some of my favourite nudes in their range and I adore them terribly.


Now, I simply had to save the best until last! I know you didn’t get this far to not think that this little guy will get honorable mention?! The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette. Do I need to say anything else? This has been my absolute favourite makeup product of 2017. You’ve heard the hype, you know what to expect… I just love how inspired this palette has made me. You can do everything with this damn palette! I have been absolutely obsessed with it and think it was worth every single penny that I paid. All of my other palettes have gone into retirement since this little guy! Jaclyn gets a huge round of applause from me as it is stunning and there is no other way to describe it!


If you made it to the end of this post, you deserve a medal! I hope you enjoyed and please let me know what your favourites are, or how you feel about any of the products mentioned!

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