My Most Repurchased Makeup

I think the true test of your favourite makeup really lies with if you repurchase it or not, and then how many times you continue to repurchase them! They must be doing something right if you find yourself grabbing multiple backups and making sure you always have a good supply. I definitely have those products that I have repurchased over and over again, and so today I thought that I would share those products for you and give you a little insight into why I love them so much and why I can’t seem to go without them. I have a range of different products from makeup, skincare, beauty tools etc to talk about so let me jump on in…


Skin Care


I would say my number one most repurchased skin care buy is definitely my Nspa Double Action Serum. I would say I have now gone through 4 bottles of this stuff, and I am currently 1/2 of a way through my 5th. The reason I keep going back to this particular serum is because I can see a clear difference in my skin since using this product. It is extremely hydrating which I prefer, as I have combination skin I have dry areas and oily areas to my face. I find sticking to something more hydrating not only helps the dryer areas of my face, but as I am adding more hydration into my skin then my skin doesn’t feel the need to produce as much oil to compensate. I have also found that this serum has smoothes out the texture of my skin too which I can visibly see a difference. If I go a couple of days without using this stuff then I can clearly see a difference as my skin gets very dry and almost crinkly in the centre of my face. Also my makeup doesn’t sit as nicely on my skin either whereas when I use this stuff my makeup applies so much smoother.


My next product I have repurchased on and off for months, but that’s only because I like to test out new lip balms. This one I always come back to. The Nivea Original Care Lip Balm is my favourite lip balm as it is very thick and nourishing and I feel like it actually does what a lip balm is supposed to do. I have tried other lip balms where they do the job when they are on the lips, but when they wear off my lips get dry and chapped again but with this one it keeps my lips moisturised and they don’t dry out nowhere near as quick.


Finally for skin care I have the Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Cream. This one I have repurchased 3 times now, and the reason that I love it is because again, it is a very hydrating moisturiser but this one feels like it is more oil based. I like using this under my makeup as again, it helps my makeup go on much smoother and my skin never feels dry when I use it. One thing I love about this moisturiser is that a little goes such a long way so one bottle lasts me for a good few months before I need to get another one!



Now, I have so many makeup items that I have repurchased and I think when you find something that works you like to stick to them. Being the makeup junkie I am, I also love trying new products so a lot of these products have been my fall back items that I reach for when the new products don’t work out! The first item which I would say is my most repurchased item of all time would probably be the Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Brow Pencil. I have repurchased this product at least 7-8 times now, and it is by far my favourite brow pencil I have found so far. It has a very fine point which makes it so easy to get a precise line without being sloppy, it isn’t too hard or too waxy, the colour is perfect and I keep going back time and time again. One thing I will say is that you don’t get much product in each pencil so that would probably be why I go through these like no ones business, but they are really affordable so I don’t mind!


I have two concealers that I have repurchased multiple times. One being the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and the other is the Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer. I have done a whole post comparing the two, with the only noticeable difference being that one is £19, the other £2.50. I love both of these concealers equally, and I think they are so comparable which is why I go between the two. More so the Essence now as it is way more affordable!


When it comes to powders there is only one that I have found myself repurchasing over and over again, and that would be the Maybelline Matte Maker Pressed Powder. This is one of the only high street powders that is not only fair enough for my skin tone, but also very yellow toned. I have a strong yellow undertone and most of the fair foundations look far too pink on me so this powder is amazing for neutralizing my foundations plus it is just a great matte powder for setting my makeup and keeping my oiliness at bay.


As I have a lot of lip products I struggle to work my way through them all in order to repurchase the same shades. Instead I thought I would just share the lip items that I have tried and loved enough to purchase multiple shades of each. The first being the Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipsticks. These lipsticks are incredibly similar to the Mac lipsticks, very rich in pigment, creamy and comfortable yet still matte. Plus the shades are gorgeous! I very quickly purchased multiple shades of these as soon as I tried their first few nude shades, and they are some of my most worn lipsticks and most worn nude shades in my collection. I know I will be repurchasing the shades once I am out but for the mean time I will continue to enjoy them!


The second lip products that I am obsessed with and continue to repurchase multiple different shades are the Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lipsticks. I have a full review of these lipsticks which you can find here. These liquid lipsticks are just very longwearing, incredibly pigmeted and they are some of my absolute favourites. I think I currently have about 9/10 of these and I still buy new shades anytime I see them!

Beauty Tools


I have two main beauty tools to talk about, the first being the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I have purchased so many of these sponges I have lost count. I am not much of a brush lover when it comes to foundations and liquid products, and I always opt for a sponge. I find that they apply products so much smoother and the finish is much better. I have tried a couple of other sponges too but up until recently, none of them compared to this one. At the moment I am really enjoying the Eco Tools sponges and I have been using them over my real techniques ones, so I think I will be buying more of those in the future too!


My final tool and last thing I want to mention is my Wilko Blusher Brush. This brush only cost me £2.50 and it is one that I use for everything! I have got 3 of these brushes at the moment and everytime I pop into wilko I find myself picking up another one as it is so affordable and I use them so often! This brush is perfect for everything. I use it for setting powders, bronzers, blushes… I can also get away with it for highlighting but it’s not my first choice. The hairs are synthetic and so soft and it just does a great job at blending everything out without shedding on me or falling apart. One thing I love about the Wilko brushes is that they are so sturdy and solid and they do not feel cheap in the slightest. I also got my mum hooked on this brush! 


If you got to the end of this post then congratulations! I know it was a long one haha! Don’t forget that my giveaway is still currently open so you can find all the info on how to enter by clicking here

Until next time…


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