George Makeup | Hot or Not

Not to long ago, Asda had a revamp of their George makeup line. As soon as I saw the packaging I was so excited as it was all rose gold and black and everything looked so fascinating. They came out with a full range of products from foundation to brows, eye shadows, primers, highlighters, bronzers… the lot. I picked up a few products and my aim was to pick out something for every step of my makeup routine, but I ended up just grabbing the products that jumped out at me. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to pick up everything that I want to try, so I will be purchasing more from the line in upcoming months and I will update this post as and when as they have so many damn products I struggled to pick a select few. I have been trialing these products for the last couple of months and thought I would do a hot or not! After all affordable makeup is the dream and these products are incredibly affordable! Prices start from just £2 and if you can pick them up at your local supermarket then that makes it even better! I will also include swatches of all the products at the end of this post so stay tuned for those! Let’s jump into the makeup shall we?!

George Lightweight Matte Foundation



Of course I had to try a foundation! I picked up the matte foundation and now I am kind of shooting myself as I do prefer a more glowy foundation despite my combination skin. This foundation is exactly as it is described. It is incredibly lightweight and very thin in consistency. This foundation is also incredibly matte too! I did however enjoy it and I found that it wasn’t cakey but it did emphasize my dryness quite a lot. I think this foundation would be great for anyone who has very oily skin and likes an extremely matte finish. This foundation is nice however and I do see myself using this again whether it is just in my tzone or to mix with a more dewy foundation.

Hot or Not? Hot!

George Liquid Brighten Concealer



Concealer is possibly one of my favourite steps in my makeup because it makes you look more awake and fresh.  This concealer at first was a little lack luster to me, but after using this a few times I do actually really like it. This isn’t my favourite concealer of all time but it has a good medium coverage and a good yellow undertone to brighten underneath your eyes. I find it doesn’t grab to any texture and it wears really well throughout the day. I love using this on basic makeup days where I just chuck on a bit of concealer, highlight and some lip balm (usually work days). One thing I will say is that this isn’t the lightest concealer shade that I have tried so if you are really fair then the lightest shade might not work for you, but I can just about make it work for my skin tone and I have really been liking it.

Hot Or Not? Hot.

George Strobe Highlighting Cream



This next product is a liquid highlighter that is advertised for face and body. The highlighter I picked up was in the shade Pink Pearl and it was a very icy pink shade. I am definitely more of a golden girl and I love my highlights to be more golden rather than pink but this highlight is very nice nonetheless. I do find that the cream itself is a bit thick and it has has specks of shimmer/glitter but in a way that it works. I much prefer this highlighter for the body than the face but it does work on the face and still looks nice. I will say however that if you are using this on the face then thin layers will work best over piling it on otherwise it can get quite chunky and you get a build up of product that can look a little dodgey. I do really like this highlighter though and I would recommend trying it out for £4!

Hot or Not? Hot!

George Satin Loose Mineral Powder



If you have seen any of my more recent blog posts or even looked through my instagram then you will see that this powder is now part of my everyday makeup routine. Like I have already mentioned I do prefer a more glowy/satin/skin like base. I am not a huge fan of greasy looking skin but I don’t want to be too matte either! This powder is beautiful. I have the shade Translucent and it does look like it has a bit of a lilac tint to it but it is completely translucent. I love this powder because it doesn’t completely mattify the skin and gives a slight and subtle glow. It doesn’t leave behind a lot of powdery residue and just makes your face look smooth. I am completely head over heels for this powder and it is a definite must for me out of the whole line!

Hot or Not? Hot hot hot!

George Blush Queen Blusher



The blush I picked up was in the shade Smokey Rose and it is a gorgeous deep rose shade. The powder itself feels very soft but I didn’t have the best experience on the face. This blush is incredibly pigmented and when I first applied it, not only did I apply way too much but it applied very patchy and wouldn’t blend very well. After using it a few more times I found that as long as you knock off the excess product and use a very light hand you can apply it in light layers but it does require quite a bit of blending. It is a gorgeous colour and you can make it work but I feel like there are other blushes out there that perform much better with less effort needed. A little gutted as the shade is beautiful but I don’t think this is one of the best products from the line.

Hot or Not? Not

George Matte Diva Bronzer



The bronzer I picked up was in the shade Caramel and formula wise it is very similar to the blushes. The bronzer is very pigmented and a little goes a very long way! Again, I have to tap off the excess but I do feel like the bronzer blends better than the blushes do. Again, the powder is very soft and I love the tone of this bronzer too as it isn’t too orange but adds a good amount of warmth. I have been using the bronzer quite a bit but it isn’t as good as my Revlon sculpt and highlight bronzer and I do have to use this in very light amounts and slowly build. I am torn on this bronzer but I can’t deny that it is nice, but I know you can get other bronzers that are better!

Hot or Not? I can’t decide! I’ll let you decide based on the points i’ve given! muhahah…

George Single Eye Shadow



I picked up this eyeshadow as I thought that it would be the perfect highlighting shade. I don’t actually have the shade name as it isn’t printed on the shadow anywhere, but it is a vanilla shade with pink and gold reflects to it. I was very excited about this shadow but I found it to be a bit dry and powdery. The shine to it is nice but it doesn’t work as a highlight as it emphasizes too much texture. I also find that if you use it on the eyes it needs to be built up quite a bit. Not my fave!

Hot or Not? Not

George The Tamer Brow Kit



I picked up the light kit which includes a brow wax, brow powder, highlight powder and then you get some little tweezers and a brush that I lost! I actually really enjoy this kit. The wax has pigment to it but it is not overpowering which I personally enjoy as it means I can’t go overboard on the brows. The powder is quite muted too which again I enjoy, but I can see some people not enjoying the lack of pigment, that is down to personal preference however. The highlight shade is gorgeous, very icy, but gorgeous. Both of the powders are very creamy and soft and I really enjoy this kit as a whole.

Hot or Not? Hot

George Eye Pigment Loose Eyeshadow



I have wanted to try a loose eyeshadow pigment ever since seeing how beautiful the Mac pigments are. These ones however were not what I was expecting! I have the shade Tokyo Dream which is a little bit of an ‘out there’ colour for me, but I loved the tone of it. This pigment was incredibly powder and didn’t pack much of a punch. There was hardly any sparkle to it and what sparkle there was soon dusted away pretty much as soon as you apply it, leaving behind a slight tint of colour. This one was a bit of a dud.

Hot or Not? Not…

George Tamer Brow Cream



Ok, it’s pretty clear what they were aiming for with this one. Ever since the Benefit brow cream/pomade got released along with a whole bunch of other brow products, this idea has been recreated by L’Oreal and now George. I will also say that I was so impressed by this one. This is a little bit more of an extreme brow product but creams/pomades generally are. What I like about this one is that it isn’t too creamy but it’s also not dry, allowing you to get a clean line without any skipping or dragging. It is also a very flattering shade and as long as you apply it lightly then it doesn’t look like you’ve just sharpied on your eyebrows. This one is a definite hit for me and I really do like it. As for the brush that you get in the top, you can make it work but it isn’t going to allow you to get the cleanest most precise line ever, but it can work if you are light handed.

Hot or Not? Hot.

George High Pigment Eye Shadow Cream



Another eye shadow product that they had were the eye creams. I was very impressed with the range of products they bought out as not only do they have the pressed shadows, loose pigments and creams but I believe they also have some shadow sticks and eyeshadow palettes too. This eye cream is probably another favourite of mine. I have the shade Vintage which is a very copper/bronze shade and you know that is one of my favourite shades to wear! As for the cream itself, it is incredibly pigmented and has a really flattering sparkle to it. It isn’t too creamy where it creases and moves around but again, it isn’t overly dry where it is hard to work with. This product does dry down very quickly however so you have to work fast with it, but once it sets it isn’t going anywhere!! Another down side to these is that I find that mine dried out pretty fast, but once you get through that top layer then the product underneath is still pretty workable.

Hot or Not? Feelin’ hot hot hot…

George Matte Lipstick



This is another one that I am pretty torn on! I picked up one of the deeper shades which probably wasn’t a good pick on my end as the darker shades (and more purple shades) are usually where brands can tend to mess up more as they are the harder shades to create. The shade that I thought I was buying was a very deep, blackened berry shade but after applying it I found that the colour was much sheerer so it came out more of a purple shade and not as deep as i’d originally expected. On the other hand, this lipstick has a nice texture but can very quickly become drying on the lips. I can’t say that this is a lipstick I would reach for often or even go back and buy more shades of…

Hot or Not? …not.

George Matte Liquid Lipstick



My final product that I purchased was one of their matte liquid lipsticks. I feel like every brand has now either got, or are bringing out liquid lipsticks so I was ready to try a more affordable version. This liquid lipstick however was not great. The consistency was very thick and mousse like and reminded me a lot of the Nyx Lingeries. They were very heavy on lips and didn’t dry down very nicely. Not to mention it was incredibly drying. If you are looking for a great liquid lipstick then the Barry M Lip Paints are amazing for £6.99 and a more high end option would be the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick for £16.99. Both are a much better alternative to these ones!

Hot or Not? Not.




Wow, well that was a very long one! I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to enter into my giveaway where I am giving away some Mac goodies!

Until next time…



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