Testing Benefit Makeup

If it was up to me, I would probably spend the majority of my wages on makeup.. there are so many brands and products that I am dying to try but unfortunately are just way out of my price range. Isn’t being an adult and having bills just fab?! Benefit to me is one of those brands that have so many cult products that are quite hyped up, and so many of them are ones that I have been dying to try but simply can’t justify paying the price. I don’t own much benefit Makeup, but I have now got a few products that I have been trying out that I have either got as gifts, or I’ve taken the plunge and purchased the travel size ones. I think buying the travel sizes are a great way of saving yourself some money, but also if you have never tried that particular item before then you don’t have to pay out for the full size and risk not even liking it. I have a few products to get through so let’s jump into it shall we!?


Photo is not my own, I used it all up and threw it out before taking a photo.. oops! 

First on the agenda is the ever so famous Benefit Porefessional Primer. I ended up getting two of these sample sizes as a gift one Christmas from my good ole’ faj and my step mum. To say I worked my way through them pretty quick is an understatement and I completely understand the hype. The Porefessional is known to be one of those classic silicone, pore filling primers that smooth out the texture of your skin and pores, and it does exactly that. It does have a tint to it which pretty much disappears once you blend it in which I was happy about as I have fair skin and otherwise it would have been to dark for me. Even though it is marketed as a pore filling primer and not a mattifying primer, I feel like the two kind of go hand in hand with one another, and this does leave a more matte finish once you apply it, although throughout the day I didn’t really notice any extraordinary mattifying properties to it, it just makes your foundation and the rest of your makeup look very smooth and it is a really great primer if you are in the market for smaller pores and smoother skin. I would have repurchased this primer as it is a very good one, but I also feel like there are cheaper alternatives that do just as good of a job like the Maybelline Baby Skin and the L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base which could be worth a try if you are wanting to test a pore filling primer to see if it is for you, before spending your hard earned money on the more expensive version.


Keeping in the Porefessional family, I also got the Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue Primer as a gift for valentines day this year. Again, in a travel size as we have bills to pay! Ha! This primer I much prefer over the original Porefessional due to the fact that this one keeps me more matte during the day. I have combination skin, therefore my t-zone will tend to look a bit shiny by the end of the day. I have been on the hunt for a really good matte primer that will control oil well and not leave me looking like a grease ball. For the last few months I have tried out a few ‘mattifying’ primers, the Collection pore filling primer, L’Oreal infallible mattifying base and the new L’Oreal mattifying primer being just a few I have been trying. I find that even though these products work initially, their capability to keep me matte after a couple of hours seems to be pretty shocking so i was very happy when I found that this primer actually controlled my oils for longer than any other I have tried before and my Makeup didn’t look completely gross at the end of the day. This is the primer that I would purchase in the full size if I ever get the chance and I would recommend trying this one out if you are struggling with slight oiliness. I don’t get extremely oily so I can’t say if it will help with anyone who has very oily skin.


I was extremely excited when I got a chance to try the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation as it is not often that I get to try out higher end foundations. I love the idea of using higher end complexion products as in my head, I feel like the more expensive the foundation then the better the ingredients will be and my hopeful little soul also thinks that it will be better for my skin. As you can see I have completely used up this foundation sample, and I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t often hear many people talking about this foundation and the only person who really mentions it is Desi Perkins. This foundation is actually very nice, it has a medium coverage which I prefer and a satin finish to it. I find that it doesn’t look heavy on the skin and it blends out so easily. As for the longevity of this foundation, I find that it doesn’t slip or slide around as lasts really well throughout the day. I do get a bit shiny with this foundation, but I always set it down with powder to try and prolong the inevitable. This is one I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a natural foundation that gives you a decent bit of coverage. I would say however that I had the lightest shade (I’m Pure For Sure – Ivory) and it did run quite dark and very yellow so if you are very fair then this might not be the one for you, or a great foundation lightener would come in handy! Another down side the this foundation is that it doesn’t have the most inclusive shade range in fair or deep shades.


In the same ‘How To Look The Best At Everything’ set, I also got two samples of the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer. I am not usually a fan of pressed concealers and much prefer a liquid one. I find that pressed concealers that usually come in pots or sticks can be quite dry and thick which makes them hard to apply and blend out without looking heavy and being hard to blend. This one really was no different. I found it to be very stiff and hard to blend out underneath the eyes. When concealers are thicker in consistency they tend to crease a little easier on me and will create a strange bumpy texture underneath my eyes. For that reason I don’t really rate this concealer, but I have tried it as an eye primer to which it works pretty well. As it is a little dryer it stops my eyeshadow from creasing throughout the day so for that reason I would say it is good, but not good enough to justify the price to only use it as an eye primer.



My final sample from that kit is the Benefit Hello Flawless Pressed Powder Foundation. This powder is one of those products that I like, but never reach for. It is a very smooth powder and doesn’t look heavy when you have applied it like a lot of foundation powders can. If you apply it alone it has a very sheer coverage, but it is great to amp up the coverage of any foundation that doesn’t quite give you enough. I just don’t really tend to use powder foundations to set my makeup, and I would much rather use a translucent powder and get the coverage I need from my liquid foundations as find that too much powder can tend to look heavy and less natural (not that my makeup is ever natural haha).


To say that I have been watching this item for years is a bit of an understatement. The Benefit Hoola Bronzer is a cult classic and a holy grail for so many people. I don’t actually think that I have found one single bad review about it in fact. Bronzers are one of those products that you think would be quite straight forward and universal, but actually finding a bronzer to suit your skin tone can be tricky especially if you are a person of colour, or extremely fair. Being quite fair myself, I have a lot of bronzers that work for me, but also a lot that don’t. The main reason that they don’t suit me is because they either run too dark which can make me look muddy, or they can be far too warm toned which results in looking like you’ve dunked your face in a bowl of doritos, the cheesy kind… This bronzer did happen to run quite warm on my skin tone, but not in a bad way. It was bordering on the line of being too orange and warm, but it actually ended up looking pretty good. This bronzer is possibly one of the easiest bronzers to blend, it isn’t blotchy or patchy and applies so smooth. I actually really enjoy this bronzer but I am still dying to try the Hoola Lite to see if the undertone would run just a little bit cooler as I like to be able to contour just a tad for me personally. I know realise the hype however and I have been using this every single day since I got it. It is stunning!


Last but certainly not least we have the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil. If there is one thing that Benefit would be known for, then I think their brow range would be pretty high up the list. Every person I watch or read about will either be using Benefit brows or Abh brows and there doesn’t seem to be any other contenders. As you will probably know, I have been obsessed with my Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Brow Pencil, but I haven’t touched it since this has been a part of my collection. Like the Maybelline it has a very fine tip, but the formula is a little more stiff, which makes it a lot easier to be precise and not over do your brows. It is very similar to my original Brow pencil, and I will go back to using it again, but there is something about this pencil that just makes it so easy and effortless to use. I would highly recommend is one too!

So there we have my round up of just a few Benefit products that I have been trying out! Let me know if you have any recommendations or if you have tried any of these out and what your thoughts were!

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Until next time,


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