My Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes

With the amount of eye shadow palettes that are currently on the market, it’s hard to not get pulled in by the pretty packaging and interesting colour combinations. I have got so many eye shadow palettes that I don’t use and recently I thought I would have a root through and rediscover some old favourites or ones that I haven’t used for a while. That was what inspired this blog post, and I thought that I would share my top five eye shadow palettes to give you a bit of insight on what palettes are really worth it and what palettes I always go back to. Pretty much all of these palettes are very neutral and everyday type palettes, and the majority of them are pretty affordable too!


The first palette that is probably my most used palette has got to be the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill PaletteBig shock eh?! This palette is my idea of perfection. Firstly, the colour scheme in this palette is perfect for both natural, every day makeup looks to more bold, evening or colourful looks. The shadows themselves are very pigmented, in fact they are the most pigmented shadows that I think I’ve ever tried, yet they blend out flawlessly. As for the texture of the shadows they are incredibly soft and buttery but they aren’t ridiculously powdery. I think that Jaclyn has hit the nail on the head with this palette and has found the perfect balance. This palette just has everything you could ever need in one eye shadow palette and it is easily one of my most used and most loved palettes! Highly recommend this one!


Even though the Jaclyn Hill palette is a little pricey at £37, I still think it is completely worth it. If you are looking for something a little more affordable then I would highly recommend the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. These palettes retail for £18 and you get 10 shades. I have mentioned this palette a few times in various blog posts, but this is another palette that consists of very creamy, blendable eye shadows that also pack a punch when it comes to pigment. I think that Zoeva do a really good job with their colour combinations and the Cocoa Blend is a great option that can again, be worn natural or dialed up for an evening look.


One of the most expensive palettes that I have ever bought is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette for £39. Why? Anything with chocolate on it pretty much has me sold, but also the colours in this palette pulled me in as it had some of the most flattering looking neutral shades and it looked like a great palette that I could get loads of use out of. I would never spend lots of money on an eyeshadow palette full of bold, colourful eye shadows that I would barely get any use out of because that would just be a waste. These shadows first of all smell like chocolate which is pretty much enough for me, but they are also just good solid eye shadows. They have a nice amount of pigment, they blend out so easily and I find that my eye shadow always turns out great when I use this palette. It’s almost like a bullet proof palette that I know won’t let me down. Also, the shade Champagne Truffle makes a gorgeous highlight shade and it’s one I use regularly! Definitely a must try!


I know, another Morphe Palette! The Morphe 25B Palette is another great neutral palette. The reason I love Morphe palettes is because they give you so many shades and choices but for such a good price. The quality of the eye shadows is also really great considering the price. This eye shadow palette retails for £19 which is a great alternative to the larger 35 shade palettes like the Jaclyn Hill palette. You get 25 really pretty netural shades but I feel like it is the metallic shades in this palette that really makes this one stand out. The are so smooth and creamy, and one swipe is all it takes to get full colour pay off and shine. I would highly recommend this one too!


Finally we have another collaboration which was the Makeup Revolution x Soph Palette. This palette was a collaboration with Sophdoesnails on YouTube, and it is actually very similar the the Jaclyn Hill palette, only this one was only £10! I was pleasantly surprised with this eye shadow palette as again, this palette has everything that you could possibly need it in, a matte base shade, a highlight shade, plenty of neutral transitions with warm and cool undertones, a matte black and lots of gorgeous shimmery shades with a couple of pops of colour. These eye shadows can tend to be a little more powdery but they are still pigmented and blendable and work so well! This is one I would definitely recommend from the drugstore!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what palettes you can’t live without?

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Eye Shadow Palettes

  1. I don’t have any of these but a few are on my list of ones I’d like. The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill one is definitely on my to try list. I’ve never tried any of theirs but that’s the ones that’s stood out the most to me. I’ve wanted to try the Too Faced for a while, or one of the chocolate bar ones, but I’ve not had the best luck with theirs in the past so it always puts me off spending that much on one.


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