Love & Hate Tag

So i’ve been nominated by the beauutiful prettypinkpossum to do the love and hate tag. If you haven’t read her blog then I would 100% recommend it to you as I love her posts, and she is just an all round lovely person :) I love these kind of posts, so instead of all this chitty … More Love & Hate Tag

Beauty Tag

Hello beautiful people! So it’s Sunday, which means my ‘Top Tip Of The Week’ post has just gone up! but one post just didn’t seem enough, so i’m coming at you with my Beauty Tag!  Let’s begin.. Skincare 1. How many times do you wash your face daily? I wash it in the morning, and cleanse … More Beauty Tag


Me Again! I know I posted a Poll asking what Blog I should do next, and a TMI TAG was one of the options, but it’s currently 12:22AM, I am wide awake and I really wanted to upload something (not getting addicted to this at all!). Besides, even though this is a Makeup Blog, I … More TMI TAG